Afghanistan-West Indies finished their World Cup 2019 journey

2019 ICC Cricket World Cup is the 12th edition of the most prestigious cricket competition and England and Wales are the host nations. Top-rated or we can clearly say that best ten teams considering the ICC ODI ranking have taken part in the competition. The tournament has come to an end and six teams are already selected for returning home. The best four have promoted to the knockout round which is the semi-final. If we consider the teams whose performance was so poor in the tournament, it is Afghanistan. They have presented the poorest performance in the World Cup. And West Indies are in the 2nd position considering poor performance. Now, Afghanistan-West Indies finished their World Cup 2019 journey!

As the frist two teams, Afghanistan and West Indies have completed their mission. Though it was not so successful and Afghan team has showed the poorest performance here. Like every team, Afghanistan also was scheduled to play nine gtroup level matches and as the first two teama, Afghan and Windies have played their all matches in the group level.

But team Afghanistan could not manage any victory in the group level. And as the first contender of the World Cup, they were eliminated from the competition. But when we consider the performance of West Indies, they are standing on the 9th position and by playing nine matches, they managed two victories.

West Indies played the 2nd match in the tournament and their inaugural opponent was Pakistan. They got the victory against Pakistan by 7 wickets and so, most of the teams in the tournament took them as the worthy opponent. They thought West Indies could bring their previous glory back.

But, they could not manage any victory in their next seven matches but faced six defeats. One match was abandoned due to the bad weather. Team West Indies played their last match yesterday and it was against Afghanistan and won the match. It seems that they have finished 2019 Cricket World Cup with the victory at least.

But when we consider the data of Afghanistan, it seems that their first couple of matches were so disappointing. They could not show their best form but when they reached to the last level. they started to gain their best form. Against India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the Afghan played well.

Especially, we can say the match against India. They were about to chase 224 runs which was presented by India but faced the defeat for 11 runs only. Now, in their last match against Windies, they were defeated by 23 runs so far.