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Africa Cup of Nations turns disaster for Klopp
Africa Cup of Nations turns disaster for Klopp


Africa Cup of Nations turns disaster for Klopp

Premier League club Liverpool’s Manager Jurgen Klopp has advised football’s governing bodies to reduce the responsibility on the top players of the game, As the decision of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) has changed and going to held on 2021’s January and February. And Klopp calling this a disaster when the champions of Europe will lose some African players such as the player of the year Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Naby Keita for an important moment of the next season because of AFCON and which will be hosted by Cameroon, It was returned to its previous slot in the calendar. So we can say, Africa Cup of Nations turns disaster for Klopp.

To avoid a confrontation with the European club season, the tournament went on in June and July for last year’s 24-team edition in Egypt. However, the competition won by Algeria was played in North Africa during the hot summer. And at the same time, it’s rainy season in Cameroon.

Klopp has said that he understands the justification for the schedule change due to difficult conditions, but FIFA criticized the new 24-team Club World Cup, which Liverpool got further after last season’s Champions League victories in June and July 2021 Will be invited as a closing Calendar.

“The first thing is that FIFA is planning a tournament in the summer of 2021. I think AFCN will start a week later. Another tournament for many world-class players, ”said Klopp, who has been an unbroken critic of the renewed fixture 

These decisions are made without asking players, directors, anyone. FIFA does not seem to have to deal with all this as the head of these organizations. They are still involved with the 2022 Club World Cup and are paying a lot of money to all the clubs involved. It all comes back to Afcon in January and February, which is a disaster for us at the moment, losing three players.  stated Klopp on Friday.

We are not going to sell Sadio, Mo or Naby as they have an extra tournament in January and February, but if you have to decide to bring in a player, it is huge because you know you are going through a four-week season Don’t know about him at first. by this the German indicated that if their players were given more protection from burnout, they would agree to a pay cut.

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