After house vandalism and racists threats Ibrahimovic filed an FIR

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Swedish professional football player who plays as a striker and is well known as one of the best strikers of his time. On Thursday this International footballer Filed an FIR after his vandalism and racist threats. According to the police, this happens after a day when this Swedish star player announced his share on Hammarby a football club. The word “Judas” was printed over his house’s main door also one of his statues which is located in Malmo was attacked with fire. The reason for the attack and vandalism has not been identified but 38-year-old Zlatan Ibrahimovic thinks it is a group of Malmo FF fans because they are not happy when they know about the ownership in rival club Hammarby, and this makes them angry. and After house vandalism and racists threats Ibrahimovic filed an FIR.

In Malmo the birthplace of Ibrahimovic, where a statue of Ibrahimovic has opened just two months ago. That statue was vandalized by a group of people where most of the people were wearing a hood. They also wrote, “die” in Swedish and “Gypsy” in Bosnian beside the statue. As his father was a Bosnian and his mother was a Croatian.

According to the report of AFP which was revealed by a policeman, “ According to Zalatan’s plaintiff, an investigation is going on after the vandalism and threats with suspected crime motive.”

The whole problem started on Wednesday morning when Ibrahimovic announced he had bought around 25 percent of the shares of club Hammarby. Because this club Hammarby which is based on Stockholm is a tough opponent of MFF in Swedish top tournaments.

Kaveh Hosseinpour the vice president of MFF supporters’ club said on a TV interview, “ This city made him who he is and now showing his back to us.”

A claimer said “How could you do this to us? is everything just about money”?

Ibrahimovic the former Juventus, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester United forward’s contract will expire at the end of the year with Los Angeles Galaxy. But This professional footballer didn’t announce anything about his future team where he will play.