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Argentina has one Riquelme, Brazil has hundreds

Argentina has one Riquelme, Brazil has hundreds

Juan Roman Riquelme is a former Argentine professional football player who said goodbye to his International career in 2008 but played for clubs till 2014. He is known for his magical performance and the audiences used to be impressed by watching him play on the ground. He amazed a whole generation by his charming skills. So, the Argentine people would not forget him so soon though he could not win any International title for his national team. Now, according to the news, Argentina has one Riquelme, Brazil has hundreds!

If we consider the two biggest rivals in football, we must say the name of Brazil and Argentina. Both of them are South America teams and they are regarded as the big teams in football in every competition. The football lovers waiting eagerly to see the high voltage match between Argentina and Brazil. And in any professional competition, the fans used to divide themselves into two groups. But still, if we look at the Vasco da Gama which is the Brazilian professional football club, they have a left-back named Riquelme. And when we look at another famous club Corinthians, they recently bought a defensive midfielder named Riquelme.

At the practice camp of Flamingo in the ongoing year, a number of players lost their lives by the firing incident where a player was known as Riquelme. If we consider a recent report of Reuters, the Brazilian Football Confederation has registered a total of 110 players as Riquelme. There are still a number of players bearing the same name but with the different spelling which is almost 41. Though they have the spelling differences but still they are known as ‘Riquelme’. Some players used ‘QU’ and some are using ‘K’. Also, there are players who are using ‘E’, ‘O’ or ‘Y’ at the end of their name.

It is not rare to use the top-rated stars name in Brazil. The country is renowned for football and day by day, the top-rated players used to come from the country. So, the parents select their name for their kid, it is as usual. But the unusual fact is, the Brazilian parents love the Argentine playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme and used his name for their child though, the Argentine former star did not win any big title for his country.

Riquelme used to play attractive football like a Brazilian player. His playing style consisted of creativity, talent, and intelligence. He was not like Lionel Messi or Neymar but still, Riquelme is the sign of a certain decade.

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