Arsenal tasted the victory after nine matches

Just a few days ago, the Gunners interim boss Ljungberg told that his apprentices had the lackings of confidence. At the venue of West Ham United, when we look at the first 60 minutes, the same thing repeated. But later, the picture started to change. By turning around, within just 9 minutes, Arsenal found the net three times and so, Arsenal tasted the victory after nine matches.

In the English Premier League, the Gunners is passing a very bad time though they started the season very well. Now, excluding the last match, they could not find any victory in their last 9 matches consecutively considering all the competitions. But, they have turned around finally. Earlier today in the EPL, after getting behind at the beginning, they found the victory by a 3 – 1 goal. The three goalscorers of London’s club are Martinelli, Pepe, and Aubameyang. In the league, they did not find any victory for the last seven matches consecutively. The Gunners tasted the last victory on 6th October at the Emirates Stadium against Bournemouth. 

From the beginning of the game, Arsenal dominated the ground but they had lackings of the balance. Through the head of the Ogbonna, luckily West Ham went ahead.

In the opposite way, in the 60th minute of the game, Arsenal returned to the game through the counter-attack. The young Brazilian forward Martinelli found the net where the goal was assisted by Kolasinac. And all of a sudden, the picture started to change. They regained their confidence back. Within just three minutes, they scored two more goals. In the 66th minute, from the right side, Pepe went into the box and made the Conakry shot and found the net. The forward made the amazing cross and later, the Gabon forward Aubameyang made the scoreline 3 – 1. When Ljungberg took control of the Gunners, he found the victory by playing the 3rd game. 

Now, after the 16th round in the Premier League, Arsenal managed five victories and seven draws. Now, with the 22 points, they are holding the 9th position so far. With the highest 46 points, Liverpool is holding the top position so far. The Foxes have grabbed the 2nd position with 38 points and the current