Arsenal tested their first defeat in EPL

Arsenal and Liverpool are the two big teams in the Premier League and it is always something different when these two teams face against each other. In the new season of Premier League, there is one thing in common between them. Both have started the season with the victory. Besides, both of them won their first two rounds in the Premier League. But earlier today, Arsenal tested their first defeat in EPL! And, it was against the Champions League winner Liverpool. The match between them was too contesting but the Reds played more aggressively than the Gunners.

The confidence level of both teams was too high and so, the match was so competitive. But gradually, the gunners went behind and in the ongoing season of the EPL, Arsenal tested their first defeat and the reds have kept their winning-streak continue and celebrated the 3rd consecutive victory. At the Anfield, Liverpool won the match by a 3 – 1 goal.

It was a match of touching the record for the Reds. By winning the match, the Reds have touched the record of winning consecutive 12 matches at the Anfield which was crated 29 years ago. And also, the team of Jurgen Klopp is keeping their winning journey continues.

After facing the defeat against Crystal Palace in the last April 2017, the reds remain unbeaten for 42nd matches including the last match. Besides, they have kept their dominance continues over Arsenal. The last season Premier League runners-up Liverpool won four matches out of the last eight head to head battle against the Gunners. The rest four matches were drawn.

Since the beginning of the match, both teams started to make several attacks but finally, in the 41st minute of the game, Matip led the Reds ahead of the Gunners and since then, the Gunners started to lose control of the game. In the 2nd half, the Reds got a penalty and the Egyptian forward Salah could not make any mistake of scoring goal from the spot-kick.

In the 58th minute, Mohamed Salah scored his 2nd goal and the Reds almost secured the game. At the end of the game, Arsenal reduced the goal difference. The Uruguayan midfielder Torreira scored a goal in 85th minute of the game. So, the match ended with a 3 – 1 goal.

By winning all three matches, Liverpool has gathered the highest 9 points and holding the top position on the Premier League point table. They will play the round four match against Liverpool on 31st August 2019.