Atletico Madrid is moving ahead of Barca-Real

Earlier today against Eibar, Atletico Madrid went behind by two goals within just 20 minutes but finally, they left the ground with the victory and achieved three points so far. By playing three matches, Atletico has gathered complete nine points. To win the league title, Atletico Madrid is moving ahead of Barca-Real!

In the Spanish league, just three rounds have been finished. It will be hard to predict the future right now. But the words like ‘Morning Shows the Day’ can mean something right? So, it can be thought earlier as well. In the Spanish league competition, Atletico Madrid has already secured their place. If they would be able to continue their form in the rest matches, they will win the La Liga title this season.

Earlier today, at their home venue, Atletico Madrid beat Eibar by a 3 – 2 goals. However, they started to smell of the uncertain thing earlier today. But the match was not for just 20 minutes. It is the game of complete 90 minutes right? Atletico Madrid played the last 70 minutes. The team of Simeone recovered from the bad position and found the net three times. In the 27th minute, the first goal was scored by the Portuguese star Felix and reduced the difference. In the 52nd minute, Spanish winger Vitolo made the scoreline 2 – 2 and at the end of the game, Ghana midfielder Partey scored the match-winning goal.

On the other hand, Real Madrid lost points by making the draw against Villarreal. By playing three matches, the team of Zidane has drawn two times. So, with the five points, they are holding the 5th position. The situation of Barca is much worse. They won one out of the three matches and a draw. So, achieving four points, they are in the 8th position so far.

In the La Liga point table, Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao are standing on the 2nd position jointly and than these two teams, Atletico Madrid is two points ahead. If we consider the past, Atletico Madrid won the first three rounds in a season, they won the league title. So, in the ongoing season, the fans of Atletico can see the dream of winning the Spanish La Liga title.

Though still a long journey ahead and they can stumble also but if they can manage their current form, the league title would go to their camp.