Barca’s offer is not enough to buy Neymar

The sports director of the French club Paris Saint Germain named Leonardo stated that Barca’s offer is not enough to buy Neymar!. And if they will not receive the suitable offer for the most expensive footballer in the World, they will not let him leave but Neymar will have to stay at the Parc des Princes in the season, the PSG official revealed that.

The Brazilian forward himself wants to leave the French club. In the year of 2017, the Brazilian forward left the Spanish giants and moved to the French club Paris Saint Germain by making the record transfer and now, Barcelona wants their former star back.

Already, there are several news have been published when the Catalan club and PSG taled with each other. But, to bring their former star back at the Camp Nou, Barcelona has not much time in hand. In the upcoming 2nd September, the summer transfer window is going to close in Europe.

Neymar’s future is still uncertain at the Parc des Princes and so, PSG boss has not grounded him yet in the new season. The Brazilian poster boy also missed the pre-season matches so far. Now, before the transfer window will close, Neymar cannot play for his team.

In the last match of PSG which took place earlier today against the newborn team Metz, the French giants won by a 2 – 0 goal and after the match, PSH sporting director has revealed their thought on Neymar. In the last 27th August, PSG received the very first official offer for Neymar from Barcelona. But, Barca’s offer is not enough to buy Neymar!

PSG’s stand is completely clear about the Brazilian forward Neymar. If they will receive a suitable offer, only then the Brazilian can leave the club. But the situation is not like that. The discussion is still going on but it has not ended because the offer is not sufficient. Leonardo also does not hide the wish of Neymar.

But he also thought that Neymar’s price is too high and so, leaving the club for him is not so easy. Neymar always revealed that he wants to leave but to buy him, the other clubs have not sufficient money. And if they will not receive a suitable offer, Neymar will stay. Neymar is an amazing player but right now, his relationship with the club is not well.