Barcelona are preparing their latest offer for Neymar

What  surprising news it is. When people are talking about Neymar to come to the Catalan club Barcelona, here we are talking about the Brazilian star Neymar would come to Barca on loan? It is also a shocking fact no doubt. To buy the Brazilian poster boy Neymar, Barcelona is facing so much difficulty. So, it has been heard that they are not thinking of buying Neymar permanently in the summer but they are going to bring him to the Nou Camp on loan but according to latest news PSG rejected. so, Barcelona are preparing their latest offer for Neymar.

The mind of the French club PSG is still isolated. The Catalan club Barca has not broken them yet. Yes, the time is getting closer and only two weeks are in hand before the summer transfer window will close. In the meantime, to buy Neymar from the Paris SG would be very difficult.

So, Barca officials are thinking and considering something alternatives. They have become realistic. They are planning to bring down Neymar at the Camp Nou by making a loan deal at least. According to the English media Sky, Nou Camp is planning to bring Neymar for one year on loan provisionally.

Bryan Swanson who is the reporter of the English news portal Sky Sports revealed that the Brazilian star Neymar has not grounded for his current club PSG in the season yet and so, it would not be good to keep him after the end of the transfer window. He wants to leave the club and he is very desperate. Due to the reason, he has not played for the Parc des Princes in the season.

In France and Spain, the transfer window will close in next 2nd September 2019 and it would be very surprising to keep him at the Parc des Princes forcefully after ending the transfer window. Neymar himself wants to leave the club and also PSG wants to get rid off him as well.

Earlier the French club PSG stated that they want just money in exchange for Neymar from the Spanish club Barcelona. The player Neymar who was brought just two seasons ago from Barcelona by making the record transfer and when the fact has come to sell him, they want the same amount at least.

But the Catalan club does not want to understand that. Actually, they have nothing much to do. They want to give one or two players along with money in exchange for Neymar. To present their offer, Barca officials visited Paris a couple of days ago.

However, there are still two weeks left before the transfer window close and let’s see what news will come true at the end.