Barcelona had to suffer till the end against Slavia Praha – Sergio Busquets

The current La Liga champion Barcelona could not start the new season as the champion. At the beginning of the season, they suffered in La Liga and Champions League. If we want to find the reason behind it, they did not get the captain Lionel Messi at the beginning because of his injury. But now, the Barcelona skipper is with the team and also they are getting the expected victory. A couple of days ago, Barcelona played the 3rd round of Champions League in the new season where they faced the Czech champion Slavia Praha. It was the away match of Barcelona but based on the amazing performance of Lionel Messi who scored a goal and also the match-winning goal came from his free-kick, the Catalan club got a victory. But still, the defensive midfielder Sergio Busquets revealed that Barcelona had to suffer till the end against Slavia Praha.

Against the Czech champion, the La Liga champion was not in their regular form. And the experienced midfielder Busquets stated that till the end of the game, Barcelona fought for the victory. If we look at the recent or the last season performance of Barcelona, in the Champions League, Barcelona could not get any easy victory in their away venue. But at their home venue, they are amazing.

In the new season of the UCL, they visited the German giants Borussia Dortmund in the opening match of the group stage and finally, the match was drawn by a 0 – 0 goals. At the Nou Camp, they played the 2nd round of the UCL and beat Inter Milan. Now, against Slavia Praha, they had to fight for the victory.

In the Champions League match which took place the day before yesterday, Barcelona went ahead in the 3rd minute through the goal of Lionel Messi. But still, Busquets claimed that they were not in their familiar form. Slavia made the dangerous attack and Barcelona defence had to stop that.

Through the amazing performance, in the 5th minute of the 2nd half, the home team returned to the game. Yes, obviously a few moments later, through the free-kick of Messi, Suarez’s touch found the net by the touch of the local team player and so, Barcelona went ahead once again. In the end, Slavia Praha kept the heavy pressure on the opponent’s defence. They also found a number of good chances but for the 2nd time in the game, they could not return to the game. So, with a 2 – 1 difference, the La Liga giants left the ground.