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Barcelona draws 1-1 Napoli in Champions League first leg of the round 16

Barcelona head back home with a point from Naples

The Spanish giants were about to face the defeat against the Italian club Napoli. They almost failed to break the solid defence of the Italian club. Finally,  Griezmann’s goal secured Barca’s draw at the Stadio San Paolo! They have got one most important away goal at their away venue. It will help them in the 2nd leg for sure. Earlier today, the first leg of the round of the last sixteen of the Champions League took place at the Stadio San Paolo. The match finished with a 1 – 1 goal draw. At the home venue, Napoliwent ahead at the beginning. In the 2nd half, Barcelona returned to the game. Barcelona draws 1-1 Napoli in Champions League last-16 tie and Barcelona head back home with a point from Naples.

Generally, Italian clubs play defensively. Most of the time, they keep their defence solid. Against the Catalan club, once again an Italian club has proved that. They made a solid fort that Messi-Griezmann could not keep their shots on target in the first half. In the 27th minute, through the counter-attack, Barcelona got a chance. Messi went into the box with the ball and wanted to pass Griezmann. But Manolas cleared the ball.

Napolinused to play football based on the counter-attack. In 10th minute, they took the first shot on target. But the weak shot failed to bring any good result. In 30th minute, they took the 2nd on a target shot and so, the local team went ahead.

Mertens scored the most important goal but the Barca star Firpo was almost responsible for that. He lost control of the ball in their half and so, Mertens got the ball. He went to the box and his bullet shot found the net successfully. Through the goal, Mertens has touched a record. The Belgium forward is now jointly holding the record of scoring the highest 121 goals wearing Napoli’s shirt. In the 2nd half, Napoli made a solid defence and gave Barca too much room. So, they suffered for that. Busquets made a pass that escaped the defence. It went to Semedo. Nelson made a low cross and Griezmann did the rest. 

After returning to the game, Barcelona got the confidence and also Napoli tried to go ahead once again. In the 61st minute, they were about to get the 2nd goal. But the shot of Insigne was stopped by the Barca goalkeeper Ter Stegen. Two minutes later, Napoli made another attempt but missed. Barcelona also got a chance but could not use it properly. The 2nd leg between them will take place on 18th March 2020 at the home venue of Barcelona Camp Nou.

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