Barcelona will not try to buy Neymar in January

Neymar Jr is a top-rated Brazilian football player and by his fans around the World, he is also called as the Prince Neymar. His fans want him at the Camp Nou instead of the Ligue 1 side. And also, the 27 years old forward made a demand of returning to his former address. In the whole transfer window, he was on the limelight. Sometimes, it was thought that Barcelona was close to sign him again but now when the European transfer window has been closed, the chance of returning his old address has been shut. But a new transfer window will be opened in next January for a short time. And Barca fans still think that Barcelona will try to bring him by then. But earlier today Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu has disclosed that Barcelona will not try to buy Neymar in January!

The Catalan club which Spanish club tried their best to bring Neymar at the Nou Camp in the recently finished transfer window but could not break the wall of the French side Paris Saint Germain. So, now they have no plan to try again in the upcoming winter transfer window which will open on January 2020.

After the end of the last season, the rumour started to spread that Prince Neymar is not happy at the Parc des Princes and he wanted to return to his former address where his best buddies Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez are playing. He wanted to join with them and make the form ‘MSN’ once again. But his price is the biggest obstacle and Barcelona could not pay such amount to his current club Paris Saint Germain.

In the year 2017, the Brazilian forward decided to leave the Catalan club and his dream came true. PSG bought him by making him the most expensive football player in the World. But after two seasons, the 27 years old player also wanted to leave PSG and wished to return to the Camp Nou. Barcelona star Messi also made the demand to the Barca board to bring Neymar back, it has been also heard. So, Barcelona tried and placed a number of offers to the French giants but PSG did not agree with these offers.

Earlier today, the Spanish club Barca President faced an obvious question that Barcelona will try to buy him in the next winter transfer window or not. Bartomeu revealed that Neymar is not in their plan in the winter transfer.