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Bayern Munich does not want to wait for the practice

Bayern Munich does not want to wait for the practice

The German club Bayern Munich does not want to wait. They are going to start the practice, as stated by the report. In the situation when the outbreak of Coronavirus is not reducing but spreading still, the most successful German club has told its players to return to the practice session. It is surprising news when all the clubs have stopped their all matches along with the practice.

To save a life is the main fact now when Coronavirus is making its own destruction around the world. Getting out from the home might be a death trap. In these circumstances, what is the importance of the game or what is the price, the question might come? Because of the deadly infection, the sporting tournaments around the world have been stopped. The players from different events are passing the vacation. No, it is not just a vacation but they are forced to stay at home. Including the football leagues, all the competitions even the practice have been stopped as well. No, the game is not bigger than life.

But the German club Bayern Munich does not want to spend any more lazy time now but they already spent much. At their home venue, they do not want to start the practice session. They have already called their players to start the practice from the next day. But what about the Coronavirus? Yes, they are counting the risk too.

In the last 13th March, the ongoing season of Bundesliga was postponed. Earlier, the German league told the clubs to stop their practice until the next 6th April. So, the time has come to resume the practice. So, Bayern Munich did not take the time to announce that they are going to re-start their practice. By making the small groups, they will continue their practice, the club told the players to make such groups.

Through an official announcement, Bayern Munich revealed that the practice session will start just in time. But there will be no visitors to witness the practice. They have requested the fans for obeying the rules from the authorities. They must not come out from the home, neither they should come to see the practice. To reduce the spreading of the Coronavirus, the visitors are to be told not to come to the ground. Besides, the German football federation also revealed that, before the next 30th April 2020, there is no chance to resume the Bundesliga season.

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