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Bayern Munich has won its 7th consecutive Bundesliga title

Bayern Munich has won its 7th consecutive Bundesliga title

At the beginning of the Bundesliga season, Bayern Munich stumbled sometimes and went behind with the big difference but at the end of the season, the finishing task was awesome. In the last day of the season, the title race continued and if they stumbled, they lost the title. But they celebrated goals flood against the team Eintracht Frankfurt and left the ground with the big victory. Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga title finally and kept their throne as well. At the home venue of Bayern Munich Allianz Arena, Bayern won by a 5 – 1 goal in the last round of the Bundesliga season.

In the last December, Borussia Dortmund went 9 points ahead of the Bayern Munich and so, many people thought that the title race in the season finished. Dortmund was going to win the title. But, the top-ranked holder team lost its path and used it well and reclaimed the position.

And in the last April, the team of Kovac beat the Dortmund by a 5 – 0 goal and reclaimed the top position. In the last week, if they could able to win at the ground of RB Leipzig, they could secure the title. But the match ended with a 0 – 0 goal draw. And along with that after almost a decade later, the title race of the Bundesliga came to the last round. By winning the last round, Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga title and also made the history. They have become the champion for the consecutive seven times which is the highest.

Bayern Munich started the match aggressively at their home venue and in front of them, the Bundesliga trophy was placed. They went ahead in the 4th minute of the game. Muller passed the ball into the box and the French midfielder Coman escaped the goalkeeper by taking the Conakry shot.

In the next ten minutes, they got two good chances to increase the difference. Lewandowski and Gnabry got the goalkeeper alone but could not get the success. With the amazing talent, German goalkeeper Trapp saved his team.

In the 5th minute of the 2nd half, Haller led his team returned to the game. He scored the goal. Three minutes later, Alaba led Bayern Munich ahead once again.

In the 58th minute, Portuguese midfielder Renato Sanches increased the goal difference and almost secured the match. Ribery who is going to leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season scored the 4th goal and Dutch winger Robben scored the 5th goal for the team.

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