Bayern Munich punish Renato Sanches with a fine of 10,000 euros

If anyone thinks that Bayern Munich’s funny stories are a thing of the past then tell him that he is wrong. The inaugural draw 2: 2 in Bayern Munich caused a few frictions and a few for loud words. For which Renato Sanches had to pay. By the way, Joshui Kimmich should be hit but apparently he was not punished. According to “Bild” Bayern Munich punish Renato Sanches with a fine of 10,000 euros.

What is going on? Let’s agree, a Bayern draw with Hertha BSC must be considered a surprise. Anyway, Bayern Munich have it to themselves that each of their stumbling is a sensation but I’m wright not about it.

Sanches appeared on the ground only in the 85th minute, being the first change made by coach Niko Kovac. Although, that there was not much quality on the bench of German champions, this can be understood.

After the meeting, the Portuguese was very annoyed by his position in the team hierarchy and did not fail to comment on it in the media.

This is not a good situation for me. This is the second time I want to leave and they won’t let me. Five minutes in a match is not enough for me

The European champion also admitted that he was sad and that the whole statement did not like the Bayern Munich bosses which decided to punish him with a fine of 10,000 euros.

The next day, Niko Kovac told his players that in the previous season he had turned a blind eye to criticism of his and his decision but this time he will not let it go anymore. The thing was that after the match with Hertha BSC Joshua Kimmich in the locker room loudly criticized his coach and the composition he put up.

Has the German pearl been punished? “Bild”, who reported all this, did not mention anything about it …

And here Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, president of Bayern, commenting on the Sanches case:

We won’t sell it! He would do better if he calmed down. This is not the right behavior to immediately run angry after the second match. He will get his chances, we are all convinced of this.