Benzema’s hat-trick secured Real Madrid victory

Karim Benzema is the French national team player band he is a key striker in Real Madrid. Earlier today, Benzema’s hat-trick secured Real Madrid victory. Real Madrid played the 3rd place fixer match against the Turkey club Fenerbahce earlier today, where the Frenchman made an amazing hat-trick. But still, there were a big lacking in the Real’s defence that they also digested three goals against the Turkish club.

Real Madrid which played a total of four pre-season matches and out of them, they were defeated three times. In the meantime, Real conceded 13 goals. Can you believe that? A team like Real which is led by Spanish national team skipper and one of the most prolific defenders Sergio Ramos conceded so many goals!.

So, their current boss Zidane is now thinking of the upcoming season. He has to do something right before the season starts. However, he would have been felt slightly comfort for their last match which was the 3rd place fixer match of the Audi Cup. Karim Benzema brought a good victory to the Santiago Bernabeu and based on his hat-trick, Real bear Fenerbahce by a 5 – 3 goals.

If we consider their last four matches in the pre-season schedule, excluding Arsenal, the Sanish giants could not manage any victory. Against the Gunners, they won by the tie-breaker. However, Zidane may get his hope back if he considers the last match where Hazard, Benzema, Isco played quite well. But, still he has to think of his defense. The current defense of Real Madrid consists of Ramos-Marcelo but still, they have been conceded a total of 16 goals in the last five matches.

Zinedine Zidane made a total of five changes in his starting eleven. The top players were grounded at the beginning against the Turkish club. However, at the Munich the match between Fenerbache and Real Madrid took place and in the beginning, Turkey star Garry Rodrigues scored the first goal for Fenerbache. He scored the goal in the 6th minute. However, Benzema took just 6 minutes to lead his team return to the game. Benzema scored two goals in the first half and at the end of the first half, the scoreline was a 2 – 2.

In the 53rd minute of the game, the Frenchman scored the 3rd goal and filled up his hat-trick. Just 6 minutes later, Fenerbache returned to the game when Tufan scored the 3rd goal for the team. But, Real played quite aggressively and in the 62nd and 79th minute, Nacho and Diaz scored a goal each. So, Real Madrid won the game by a 5 – 3 goals.