Bordeaux have signed Laurent Koscielny from Arsenal for reported fee of £4.6m

Laurent Koscielny leaves London after almost a decade of games for Arsenal. There were no surprises in the direction in which he went. For a good dozen or so days it was said that the Frenchman would return to his homeland and join the ranks of Girondins Bordeaux. This also happened, as Arsenal officially informed us today through his social media that Bordeaux have signed Laurent Koscielny from Arsenal for fee of £4.6m.

The Arsenal obviously thanked their defender for many years of service and trophies that they had won together. Although such sentences appear while saying goodbye to almost every player but in this particular case we can be sure that these are not empty words because Koscielnym really has something to thank for.

Arsène Wenger said about him…..

I’m going to treat Laurent Koscielny like he’s my last ex. She was a bit of a dick as we broke up, but mostly it was fun and meant a lot. The end bit clouds things for a while, then you remember the good stuff and that’s what stays with you.

Thus, Arsenal loses one of the best defenders, further weakening his defense as if it had not been mediocre enough so far.

However, this is no longer the problem of the Church who will be getting a bareback from Paris Saint-Germain from the new season. You can’t run away from certain things.