Borussia Dortmund wants to take Leverkusen Kai Havertz

During a recently completed grouping of the German national team, Marco Reus told the media that he would do anything to bring the 20-year-old from Leverkusen to Dortmund. Captain Borussia’s statement improved everyone’s mood because she was treated as such a nice joke or what you call it there. So, Borussia Dortmund wants to take Leverkusen Kai Havertz. Later, a picture circulated on the Internet, in which both gentlemen walk with each other by the hand.

Of course, this is only the training staff taken out of context, not the promotion of any values ​​or other social activities. But it so funny that he matched Reus’s words perfectly. Everyone was slowly moving towards forgetting this statement but then appeared the “kicker” magazine, which stated that Dortmund actually looks at Havertz.

There is no wonder who would not want such talent in their teams? However, Borussia largely depends on what happens to Jadon Sancho. As you know, the Englishman does not give way to a year older German and many clubs – mainly from the Premier League. At the thought of buying this extraordinary winger. The potential transfer fee for Sancho should easily exceed EUR 100 million and the money earned could be invested in Havertz. That sounds like a plan.

The problem is that the emotions in Dortmund were slightly cooled by “Bild”, who agreed that BVB is interested in a young midfielde but there is no driveway to Bayern Munich.

No matter what happens, Havertz is to be sent to Bavaria, the more so because it is not stupid he does not belong and very carefully analyzes the opportunities and opportunities that are associated with potential candidates.

And as you know, even despite various shocks and crises, Bayern Munich remains number one in Germany. There is something else going on Barca and Real, but more on that later .