Carles Alena has no doubts Neymar’s return would be amazing

Neymar’s departure from Paris Saint Germain seems more and more likely. Although the direction is already known and the Brazilian in case of departure will go to Spain, it is still unknown which club will go. And he has a choice because not only Barcelona but also Real are seeking his services. Carles Alena has no doubts Neymar’s return would be amazing.

Neymar loves to be on the headlines and hates being in the shadow of someone. He experienced this in Barcelona when all eyes were on Leo Messi. It was supposed to end after moving to Paris Saint Germain but unexpectedly appeared phenomenal Kylian Mbappe who again put the Brazilian star in his back pocket.

Neymar doesn’t like this. The player would like to be the most important to win and this PSG can not guarantee him. He could experience the status of a winner in Spain but which club will he choose?

Barcelona players have no doubt that Neymar’s place is in the capital of Barcelona, where he became one of the best players in the world.

It would be painful if Neymar went to our eternal rival after playing with us (in Barcelona – editor’s note). We hope to be back. If he returned, it would be amazing to close the transfer window. He would make this team better – says Carles Alena, Barcelona midfielder.

However, The final decision belongs to the player himself and PSG. As you know, the French champion does not have the best relations with Barcelona ​​and the offers they expect are often connected with the border of absurdity. Nevertheless, the saga related to the Brazilian’s move to Spain promises to be very interesting and will last a long time.