France football team is the current FIFA World Cup champion and now, they are moving towards to win the upcoming episode of the UEFA Euro 2020 championship. In the last season of the UEFA Euro which took place in 2016, France was favorite and played final. But, against Cristiano’s Portugal, they could not bring the trophy. But now, France team is much matured and in the qualifying round, they are doing very well. Their big star Kylian Mbappe is not with the squad and earlier today, he was not as well. But, it did not make any change but Coman-Giroud destroyed Albania in Paris!

Coman scored two goals against Albania and also Giroud and Ikone found the net as well. Based on their impressive performance, in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round, France brought the 2nd consecutive victory.

At the home venue of France, earlier today the current World Cup champion destroyed Albania by a 4 – 1 goal. Since the beginning of the match, France started to make attack and attack. In the 8th minute, Coman led the current runner-up of the UEFA Euro ahead of Albania. By breaking the off-side trap, Varane passed the ball just outside of the box and with the low shot, the Bayern midfielder escaped the goalkeeper. In the 27th minute, Giroud increased the goal difference. Hernandez passed the ball from the left and with the placing shot, the Blues forward made the goal difference double. At the end of the first half, Hernandez was fouled into the box and France got a penalty. But, the Barca new signing Antoine Griezmann failed to score a goal through the spot-kick.

In the 68th minute of the game, Coman scored his 2nd goal and almost secured the game for France. Grioezmann made the cross from the left side and the 23rd years old star found the net quite easily. In the 85th minute of the game, the 4th goal was scored by the new player of France, Ikone. So, the French moved towards the big victory. In the last minute of the game, Albania got a penalty and made the scoreline 4 – 1.

In the whole game, France played impressively. They took a total of 13 shots and among them, five were on the target. In return, Albania just took three shots in the game. Besides, the World Cup champion team dominated the ground by possessing the ball 73 per cent and their pass accuracy was 92 per cent. So, it seems that France deserved the victory.