Costa’s last moment goal secured the Old Lady’s victory

At the beginning of the match, the home team Lokomotiv Moscow conceded a goal and also they turned around amazingly. After returning to the game, they started to give the pressure to the Italian champion and finally, the match was about to go to draw. But in the match, the Brazilian star Douglas Costa has become the hero. Costa’s last moment goal secured the Old Lady’s victory!

Earlier today, Juventus played an away match in the Champions League. It was their 4th round in the group stage of the UCL and the Old Lady won by a 2 – 1 goal. The match between Lokomotiv Moscow and Juventus was the D group match and it was their 2nd head to head battle in the new season of the UCL. In their first meeting at the Juventus Stadium, the Old Lady won by the same difference. By winning the match, the team of Sarri managed 10 points in four rounds and secured their position into the next round.

The home team’s goalkeeper made a mistake at the beginning and the Killer Lady took the chance. They went ahead easily. In the 3rd minute of the game, CR7 took a free-kick which was not so dangerous. But the Moscow goalkeeper Guilherme failed to take control of the ball. The ball was almost touched the goal line but at the end, Ramsey made a slight touch and secured the goal. In the 12th minute of the game, Aleksey Miranchuk’s head was stopped by the post. The return ball should be stopped by the Old Lady defenders but they did not do that. So, getting the loose ball, the Russia midfielder Aleksey Miranchuk found the net easily. 

In the 21st minute, Aleksey Miranchuk got two chances within a few moments and if he could take the chance,l they could see the victory. He got the ball just outside of the small box but failed to take the shot and the 2nd time, his head was missed only for a little. In the 33rd minute, the pass from the German midfielder Khedira was received by Higuain and his strong volley has been stopped by the local team’s goalkeeper.

In the 3rd minute of the 2nd half, Cristiano’s free-kick was stopped by the goalkeeper and five minutes later, another shot of the Portuguese forward could not find the net. In the 3rd additional minutes of the game, by escaping a number of players, Costa passed the ball to Higuain and went to the box. The Argentine returned the ball to the Brazilian. And the winger found the net with a strong shot.