CR7 wants to go to dinner with Messi in future

Yes, it is a quite surprising fact, is not it? A player like Ronaldo told that actually, let’s see. If we look at both players professional career, an obvious question used to come to the mind of the football lovers. Who is the best – Mesi or Ronaldo? And now, a piece of news spread that CR7 wants to go to dinner with Messi!

When we are facing the question who is best? The football World used to be divided into two groups. One says Ronaldo is the best and another is certainly taking Lionel Messi. More than a decade, these two football legends are sharing all the achievements in football. Both have presented charming form and amazed the audiences. And also the debate of who is the best increasing. Yes, obviously the World has seen the dual between two players but except Tennis, no dual lasted for ten or more years long. But now, the World is watching the dual in football. The dual between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

In the circumstances, the relation between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are not bad but quite well and as usual. Yes, they have no friendship between them yet. That because they used to play in two different clubs and not only for that but also the clubs were the rivals against each other. But, Cristiano Ronaldo still hopes that one day perhaps, they would be a good friend. And also can go to dinner with Messi as well.

To the Portuguese TV channel, CR7 has given an interview yesterday where he revealed such secrets. He also talked about many things. As usual, the question about LM10 came to him and there, Cristiano revealed his hope. The former Real Madrid player added that with Messi, he has a good professional relationship. Because they are dividing the amazing moments from the last 15 years. No, Cristiano has not gone with dinner with Messi yet but why not in the future. He has no objection to do it.

Not only giving the dinner invitation but also he stated Messi’s contribution in his professional career. Portugal national team skipper also revealed that he has huge respect to Leo. He also added that CR7 respects to the Messi’s career what he has done already. And also Messi told earlier that he missed Cristiano in La Liga and also missed the dual. So, Ronaldo hopes that Messi understands the importance of the dual. However, the Old Lady star also accepted that Messi made him the best as did he to Messi.