CR7’s incredible hat-trick destroyed Lithuania at Estadio Do Algarve

After Lionel Messi, the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is on fire! He has made an amazing hat-trick earlier today. No, not for his club like the Barca sensation LM10 but Cristiano has done it for his national team. Yes, CR7’s incredible hat-trick destroyed Lithuania at Estadio Do Algarve! Ronaldo has presented an amazing hat-trick. Three teammates of the former Real Madrid forward also wrote their names into the scoresheet. So, in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying round, Cristiano’s team Portugal destroyed Lithuania and has kept their hope continue of taking part in the main round of the UEFA Euro 2020.

At the home venue of Portugal named Estadio Do Algarve, the group B match in the 2020 UEFA Euro qualifying round has taken place where the team of Cristiano won by a 6 – 0 goal. The rest three goal scorers are Pizzi, Goncalo Paciencia, Bernardo Silva. At the same night, another groupmate, Serbia won against Luxembourg by 3 – 2 goals and so, the team of Ronaldo should wait for the next victory.

By playing 7 rounds in the qualifying round, Ukraine has gathered the highest 19 points and secured their place into the next round. Portugal has achieved 14 points and holding the 2nd position and still has a hope of making it to the main round. Like Portugal, the 3rd place holder team Serbia has the chance of playing the main event and they have achieved 13 points so far.

Portugal which team was ahead in every sector against Lithuania and went ahead in the 7th minute of the game through the successful spot-kick of the Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo. The Juve forward was fouled into the box and so the referee gave the penalty to the local team. In the 22nd minute, once again the Juve forward made the goal difference double. Goncalo passed the ball and Ronaldo fooled the goalkeeper by making the curve shot which went to the net. In the first half, Portugal made a total of 16 attacks and six of them were made to the goal post. Out of them, two has been scored the goals successfully. By scoring two goals, the team of Fernando Santos took the driving seat and went to the break.

In the 2nd half, within four minutes, Portugal scored two goals and made the scoreline 4 – 0. Bernardo Silva scored the 5th goal in the 63rd minute and just two minutes later, Ronaldo filled up the hat-trick. Now, wearing the national shirt, Ronaldo has scored a total of 98 goals.