Cristiano Ronaldo feeling irritated

This is shocking news. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo feeling irritated! But why? Let’s check the reason. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the name of two legendary footballers. From the last decade, they are trying to dominate over one another. They made records and broke many as we know. Sometimes, Messi made a record and later, Ronaldo broke that. It is now a normal matter.

To the journey of becoming the best players, both of them receive loves from the millions of fans around the World. But also they are criticized as well. They are aware of how to close the mouth of the criticizers around them by making a great performance. They have known better than anyone. But every time, when the criticizers criticize them, is not that bad? Ronaldo says, yes. The Portuguese star feels bad when someone criticizes about his performance.

By answering the criticizers is a difficult job and now, Cristiano Ronaldo feeling irritated! he stated that every year, he had to prove himself to someone that he is the best player. And he also accepted that by doing the same thing every year, he has irritated! By doing the same thing is not so easy, he also added. To keep himself among the best players list every year, he had to take the physical and mental pressure.

It used to affect not only to the former Real Madrid player but also his family as well. He stated that he had to take extra pressure on him every year but his mother and son are also affected by that. He also mentioned that if he was not good, then how was he given the five Ballon d’Or and five Champions League titles? He became the best in Manchester United for the first time.

Cristiano Ronaldo feeling irritated

From there, he moved to the Spanish giants Real Madrid and became of the best players in the history of the club. Now, he also left Real Madrid and joined at the Italian club Juventus. Where the footballers used to think of their retirement after crossing 30 years, Ronaldo still the same at the age.

With his age, his performance becomes more amazing. In the season of the Serie A, he helped the team Juventus to win the Serie A title by scoring plenty of goals. If we consider his recent performance, in the last match of the Juve in the Serie A against Torino, Ronaldo’s goal saved them.