Cristiano Ronaldo has forgotten Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo or he has earned his name as the CR7 is currently 34 years old and come to the age, he is still hungry of making new records. There are not much to say about the capability of the Portuguese football player. He is making records every day as well as examples. Age is just a number to the Portuguese forward it seems. Recently, the Portuguese star CR7 has given an interview to the Portuguese TV I where he stated that Cristiano does not know any footballers who have made more records than him. It seems  Cristiano Ronaldo has forgotten Messi!

If we consider the current age of the former Real Madrid star, he has come to the end of his professional career. At his age, most of the players used to see their end but Cristiano is playing like the young and every day he seems new. He wants to make new records all the time.

In the season, he is placed among the top three players in  Europe. It would very much possible that he would be placed into the shortlist the FIFA Men’s Best Players. He is very hungry to cross himself every time. And now, the Old Lady star has announced that there are no football players in the World who have made more records than him, at least he does not know.

To a Portuguese media TV I, Ronaldo has given an interview where he just has forgotten Lionel Messi, it seems. In the World, there are no players who have created more records than CR7, he believes. At his age, he wants to win everything with his club Juventus.

Just a few days ago, he stated that Cristiano is desperate to win the Champions League wearing the Old Lady jersey. His target is to make the new records every day. But, how long? Though he is ignoring his age right now and hungry but at the end of the day, Ronaldo is a human. He has to stop one day and also has to take  retirement. So, he was asked the most obvious question about his retirement.

But, Cristiano is not thinking about his retirement right now, he revealed. It would very much possible that the Portuguese star will say goodbye to the football in the next year and also he can play till the 40 or 41. He actually does not about it or not so sure as well. He is enjoying football and will continue to play while enjoying it.