Cristiano wants to win more Ballon d’Or than LM10 before announcing his professional retirement

Cristiano Ronaldo, the name of a football legend. He is a top-rated forward and also considered as one of the greatest footballers of all time. Both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have won five Ballon d’Or each but according to the report, Cristiano wants to win more Ballon d’Or than LM10!

The Portuguese forward CR7 has a goal. He wants to win more Ballon d’Or titles than Lionel Messi before announcing his professional retirement. At the same time, he wants to establish himself as the greatest football player of all time.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo both are the football sensation right now and both of them won the highest five Ballon d’Or each in their professional career. But, the Portuguese national football team skipper Ronaldo wants to win more Ballon d’Or than Leo. Earlier today, the 34 years old star attended in a TV show named ‘Good Morning Britain’ where the Juve forward revealed his wish.

The Portuguese forward also accepted that Lionel Messi is a part of football history. But to leave the Argentine forward behind, Cristiano has to win six, seven or eight Ballon d’Or award. He wants it desperately and also the 34 years old thinks that he deserves the award. Cristiano also revealed that he has no friendship with the Argentine forward Messi but still behind his successful professional, LM10 played a vital role, the Portuguese captain told.

Yes, they are not friends but they are sharing the same stage from the last fifteen years. Cristiano also knows that Messi inspired him to become the great player indirectly. As he has done the same thing for the Barca skipper. Before moving to the Italian camp, CR7 played for the Premier League club Manchester United and Spanish club Real Madrid and won five Champions League titles. Wearing the national jersey, Ronaldo won the 2016 UEFA European Championship and also won the inaugural trophy of the UEFA Nations League.

Cristiano Ronaldo also knows that he does not follow the success but success is following him. Because he is very desperate to gain success and CR7 also believes that it is not bad but to him, it is the way. The thing inspires him all the time.

Ballon d’Or award for the season has not announced yet and as usual Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are holding the two positions out of the three. And the Reds star Virgil Van Dijk is the 3rd. The Dutch defender Van Dijk won the Best UEFA Men’s Player award in the season and hopefully, he is going to win the Ballon d’Or this time.