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Cristiano’s 5th Ballon d’Or hurt Lionel Messi

Cristiano's 5th Ballon d'Or hurt Lionel Messi

When the consider the duo between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, it is simply amazing and earlier when these two attended in the UEFA Best Player award ceremony, CR7 revealed that no one shared the same stage more than he and Messi. It is simply remarkable. Before the 2019 Ballon d’Or, both Cristiano and Lionel Messi won the five Ballon d’Or each which was the jointly highest. First Messi touched the record and then CR7 caught him from the behind. Now, after winning the 6th Ballon d’Or, Messi once again moved ahead of the Portuguese star and later he revealed something new. According to the report, Cristiano’s 5th Ballon d’Or hurt Lionel Messi!

The history of the Ballon d’Or victory is amazing for both Cristiano and Lionel Messi. It started in 2008 where the Portuguese star Ronaldo won his first Ballon d’Or. Later, LM10 won the award consecutive four times and went ahead by a 4 – 1. From that very behind, came in 2017, the Portugal and Juventus star Cristiano caught Lionel Messi. Before yesterday, both won the equal five Ballon d’Or each. Yesterday, Messi won his 6th Ballon d’Or and now, he is holding the record alone. In Paris, when he has made the record Messi revealed something secret. It seems that Cristiano’s 5th Ballon d’Or hurt him.

The France Football Magazine used to give the Ballon d’Or award and Messi gave an interview to them. In the interview, Messi revealed that when CR7 touched his 5th Ballon d’Or, Messi became sad. It hurt him only but a little. The Argentine football legend stated clearly to the France Football that he enjoyed winning the highest five Ballon d’Or alone. He did not make any lie but after the CR7’s 5th Ballon d’Or, he became sad. Not as the only footballer he remained who won the five Ballon d’Or. He enjoyed the feeling of becoming the one.

From the year of 2009 to 2012, Lionel Messi won the four Ballon d’Or consecutively as the first player in the football history. But in the next six years, he just won the award once. After winning the Treble in the club football, in the year of 2015, Messi won his 5th Ballon d’Or. Now, after four seasons, he has won another one. On the other hand, in these last five years, Cristiano won a total of four Ballon d’Or and touched him. When asked that in this time was he so frustrated or not? Messi knows why he could not win it in these years. As the team, the highest target is to win the Champions League. And winning the Champions League increases the chance of winning a Ballon d’Or. In these times, Cristiano won the number of Champions League titles and so, he won it.

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