Cristiano’s penalty goal saved Juventus against Sassuolo

Cristiano Ronaldo is not passing such good time on the Italian side nowadays. After leaving the Spanish club Real Madrid, he wanted to take a new challenge in Italy with the best club Juventus but since then, it is noticed that his performance is going down. However, earlier today, in the Serie A match, Cristiano’s penalty goal saved Juventus against Sassuolo! 

Though it was not enough to bring the victory at the Old Ladt’s camp but did save 1 point. So, failing to win the match, they have lost their top position on the Serie A point table. The Old Lady which was going ahead with the amazing speed, in their last match, went ahead in the beginning but sometimes later, they left behind and was about to lose the match. Finally, Cristiano’s penalty goal saved Juventus against Sassuolo!

At the home venue of the Old Lady, earlier today the Serie A match took place between Juventus and Sassuolo and the match ended with a 2 – 2 goals. In the new season, as the only team, the consecutive eight times Serie A winner Juventus remains undefeated till now. From the beginning of the match, Juventus was ahead considering the ball possession but the balance was not found. In the first half, the guest team Sassuolo was ahead. They took more shots than the local team. But by getting the first real chance, Juventus found the net successfully. 

In the 20th minute, from outside of the box, Bonucci took the shot and found the net. Though they could not keep the difference much longer. Two minutes later, Sassuolo midfielder Boga escaped the Old Lady’s goalkeeper Buffon by making the Conakry chip shot. At the beginning of the 2nd half, due to their own fault, the Old Lady conceded the 2nd goal. Cuadrado made the back pass suddenly and De Ligt, unfortunately, gave the ball to the opponent. Caputo went into the box but his shot was not that dangerous but Buffon missed and the ball crossed the goal line. 

In the 68th minute, through the successful spot-kick of Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus returned to the game. Paulo Dybala who was a substitute and fouled into the box and the Old Lady got the penalty. In the new season, it is the 6th goal of the Portuguese forward.