David Luiz boycotts Chelsea training to force a transfer to Arsenal

We could have guessed that the last several dozen hours of the transfer window in the Premier League would be a very hot time. However, probably Some took a too warm shower as a result of which they are in the hot water company which makes strange, incomprehensible movements.  What’s wrong with him again? There were already problems with the Brazilian, as Antonio Conte remembers well but now he has gone by himself. Less than a day before the window was closed and David Luiz boycotts Chelsea training to force a transfer to Arsenal.

I cannot understand otherwise what David Luiz did according to the information provided by the renewal website Daily Mirror and L’Equipe.

The situation is fresh, so we do not have other information but what we have already allows us to limit ourselves to two conclusions.

The first is that this rumor has so much in common with the Champions League. Someone probably wanted to make a sensation at the very end of the transfer period or just mess with the ranks of Chelsea.

This is likely and such situations have already taken place. However, it should be remembered that we are dealing with decent sources which is why we should assume that they are quite right. The conclusion drawn with this approach is simple. Luiz is either drunk or out of his mind.