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David Villa on Messi: The left foot magician is good at every position

The left foot magician is good at every position

David Villa is the former professional football player in Spain and he also played for the Spanish national team. He took the international retirement in the year of 2017. The professional striker is no more at the pitch but took the professional retirement in 2019. Once he played for the Catalan club and stayed there three seasons. So, he is aware of the capability of Lionel Messi. To the former Barca forward, the left foot magician is good at every position!

David Villa has no confusion about the greatness of Lionel Messi. On the football ground, the Barca captain is good at every position, the former Spanish forward thinks that and even as a goalkeeper. In the year of 2010, Villa moved to the Camp Nou from another Spanish club Valencia. At the Nou Camp, he played three years and saw the Argentine star Messi from too close. 


The record six times Ballon d’Or winner Messi can play four roles at the same time on the ground. He does not know who told it actually. But they say that Messi is Messi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi. Also, you can add Sergio Busquets as well. When David Villa heard of it, he thought that it is true and the same thing was in his mind. If he faced the question which the best position of Lionel Messi, Villa does not know the correct answer. 

Messi is not a number nine but he is the highest scorer of the team. He is not a number ten but he used to assist the highest as usual. The Argentine forward is not so tall but used to score goals through the head. It seems that Messi is fully efficient at every position. Sometimes Villa thought that Messi can not take shots on his right foot. But later, he scored goals using his right foot. Now David Villa thinks that Messi could do well even as a goalkeeper!

Lionel Messi failed to start the new season as expected and his club Barcelona went behind from the top position of the league point table. In the middle of the season, LM10 could not find the net in four matches consecutively. But in the next match, he scored four goals and once again he holds the top position on the league top scorer’s list. Already the Barca captain has scored the highest 18 goals and made 12 assists in the ongoing season of La Liga.

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