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Very bad, you’re very bad – Dembele red card for comments to referee

Dembele red card for comments to referee

Ousmane Dembele is a French professional football player and currently playing for the Spanish La Liga champion Barcelona. He joined at the Catalan club a couple of years ago but due to injury, he was not able to make regular appearances with the starting eleven. In the new season, he also suffered from injury and in the last La Liga match of Barcelona, Dembele played against Sevilla a scored an amazing goal. But, he was given the red card directly by the referee. Why? because Dembele red card for comments to referee that ‘You are very bad’.

Before the last match, Ousmane Dembele has played a total of 147 matches in his professional career. Wearing the France national shirt, he played 43 matches but yet to see any red card. The amazing record has been finished yesterday. Yesterday, Barcelona faced Sevilla in the La Liga competition at the home venue and in the 88th-minute o the game, the Barca forward left the ground by seeing a red card. No, not for any foul but his fault was he abused the referee.

For the Spanish giants Barcelona, the French striker Dembele already played 66 matches but sen just three yellow cards but yesterday, the referee gave him the red card directly. In the 87th minute of the game, Hernandez was fouled by Araujo and the match referee gave him a red card. So, there was an argument between the referee and Barca players noticed. In the meantime, Dembele told the referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz that ‘You are very bad’. Along with that, he showed something by his hand. And the referee Mateu Lahoz did not take time to show him the red card.

In the last season of Spanish La Liga, Atletico Madrid star Diego Costa abused the referee and he was banned for eight matches. Comparing this, the fault of Dembele is nothing. It seems that the match referee did too much by giving him the red card. But also, in the season a star of Deportivo La Coruna star who said the referee ‘bad’ only, he has been banned for two matches. In that case, the Frenc striker Dembele would face the same punishment. And, if the punishment will be declared, he will miss the most wanted El Clasico.

The Spanish coach Ernesto Valverde made ahead of the fact. He stated that he does not be so sure what did Dembele told the referee. He rarely uses Spanish words. It is very mysterious no doubt.

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