Dybala proved why he is called the successor of Messi

Against AC Milan, the Juve boss Sarri took Cristiano Ronaldo from the ground in the 55th minute and grounded the Argentine forward Paulo Dybala. CR7 became angry and left the stadium before ending the game. Back then, the football fans thought to an end of CR7’s career at the Old Lady. Now, if we calculate their last match’s performance, Juventus got a free-kick but their free-kick master Cristiano could not take it but leave it for Dybala. And the Argentine young talent used the chance and led his team ahead in the most important match of the UCL. It seems that by scoring the match-winning goal from that crucial moment, Dybala proved why he is called the successor of Messi!

The match between Atletico Madrid and Juventus was so important for Paulo Dybala. It was a game where he had to prove himself that he is not an alternative but a major player of the team. and he was a key player earlier but after the arrival of CR7 at the camp, the coach of the Old Lady used to bench the most potential forward and grounded Cristiano most of the time. So, when he got a chance in the important match, Dybala used it properly. By scoring the match-winning goal from the free-kick, the Argentine star has reminded someone. He is his successor Lionel Messi! In the Champions League group stage match, Juventus beat the Spanish club Atletico Madrid by a 1 – 0 goal.

At the ending moment of the first half, Juventus got a free-kick. It was outside of the box and near the right corner. The tough corner was no doubt. It was almost impossible to score a goal from the tough corner and so, Cristiano and Pjanic which are the two free-kick specialists of the Old Lady left it for the Argentine star Dybala.

He used to be regarded as the successor of Messi from the beginning of his professional career. He thought sometimes before taking the shot. The Atletico goalkeeper Oblak was in front of the goal along with the powerful defense of the opponent. He needed some magic to score the goal through the free-kick. Using his left foot with a well-measured shot, Dybala found the net.

The audiences became surprised to see the magical goal. They have to calculate when the witnessed the last free-kick goal of the Old Lady. Even Cristiano himself tried more than 20 times consecutively wearing the Juve’s shirt and missed all the time. In that case, when he got the chance, Dybala proved once again why he is called the successor of Messi.