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Dybala’s teammates are leaving the Juve’s camp

Dybala's teammates are leaving the Juve's camp

just yesterday, his teammate Paolo Dybala’s name has come to the front who along with his girlfriend has been Coronavirus positive. So, after getting the bad news, Dybala’s teammates are leaving Juve’s camp.

By breaking the rules of quarantine, the Old Lady star Douglas Costa is returning his own nation. And day by day, the club of the Italian side is getting empty. The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo left the club before the emergency moment.

After China where the deadly virus started, it’s a journey, Italy is the 2nd most infected country till now. They are losing hundreds of people every day by the deadly virus. And also, the Italian clubs have also got infected as well. A total of three teammates of Cristiano Ronaldo have been infected by the deadly virus. And the Argentine star Paulo Dybala is one of them.

Before the massive attack, Cristiano Ronaldo left Italy and now he is in his Madeira’s home, Portugal. After his departure, his club Juventus is getting empty day by day. By the fear of the COVID-19, they are leaving Italy. And the latest addition is, the Old Lady’s Brazilian midfielder Douglas Costa has left Italy. In the day the report of Dybala’s came to the front, Costa left the club as well as Italy.

The former Real Madrid star Cristiano went to see his mother in Portugal and there, he got the news about his teammate Rugani who was infected by the Coronavirus first. After that, the Old Lady sent all of their players in quarantine. Later, the rumor spread that Dybala got infected by the virus but the news was not proved later. In the meantime, the midfielder Blaise Matuidi has been infected. And just yesterday night, the Argentine young talent Dybala confirmed the news that he and his girlfriend have been infected by the COVID-19

After the infection of Rugani, all of the Juve players were about to pass at least 14 days quarantine period. That means, they should never leave their home. But in the meantime, the Serie A champion has given permission to a number of footballers to leave Italy. Pjanic left Italy and moved to Luxembourg.

Sami Khedira has moved to his country Germany. And Gonzalo Higuain’s leaving was a bit dramatic. At first, the police stopped him. But he said to them about the sickness of his mother and changed the flight a number of times and reached Argentina. However, in Argentina, he seems like a house arrest. An in the meantime, the news odd Costa has come to the front. He has also left Italy.

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