Edmilson believes Neymar would become a ‘Messi’ in a few years

In the year of 2013, Barcelona brought Neymar for a big reason. They had a hope that Neymar would become a ‘Messi’! The only reason behind of bringing the Brazilian winger from Santos was that he would be the perfect replacement of the Argentine great Lionel Messi. SO, they wanted to prepare Neymar for taking the upcoming challenge. After that six years have passed and by changing the team, Neymar is now playing for the French club Paris Saint Germain. But the officials of the Catalan club still has a hope that Neymar would become a ‘Messi’!

Lionel Messi who just entered his best form in his professional career, Barcelona brought the Brazilian forward Neymar. And in the year of 2017 when Neymar came to his best form, he decided to leave the Catalan club and at that time, Barcelona got shocked. But could not stop Neymar from leaving the club. He moved to the French club PSG.

And since then, Neymar’s career has started to go down. But still, the predecessor of Neymar Edmilson believes that at the Camp Nou, only the Brazilian star can be the perfect replacement of Lionel Messi.

In the transfer window, the rumour of returning Neymar at the Camp Nou has increased. The World Cup-winning player Edmilson spent an important time of his professional career with the Catalan club. He also got Messi as his teammate.

And so, he knows that the gap of the Argentine left foot magician would not be filled up so easily. It seems almost impossible. But he also believes that only Neymar can be the alternative of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner. However, Edmilson also stated that Barcelona obviously thinking of the retirement of the Argentine great Lionel Messi. But still, there are a few years in hand. After four or five years, Neymar can be able to take the place of Leo.

However, if we consider the last two years performance of the Brazilian winger Neymar, the people would not be so impressed by the poster boy. But, the former Brazilian has claimed that if Neymar would able to control himself, they everything would be possible.

He is a talented player no doubt but to become the best player, he has to keep his mind cool. Neymar has passed two seasons at the Parc des Princes and both seasons, he suffered from the injury and also could not provide his best in the Russia World Cup.

Edmilson also believes that it would be hard enough to buy Neymar from PSG right now for the Spanish giants and already Barca spent a huge amount for bringing Griezmann from Atletico.