El Clasico will not be telecasted in England

What does that mean actually? El Clasico will not be telecasted in England! Is that completely true? Let’s find out. El Clasico is one of the most competitive football duals that used to be taken place between Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is also one of the most-watched football matches throughout the World. In England, Generally peoples are very fond of Premier League competition but also they are very crazy for El Clasico. But, now they are going to miss the Spanish La Liga competition after a couple of weeks. But why? Let’s see.

Eden Hazard has left the Stamford Bridge in the ongoing summer transfer and moved to the Spanish giants team Real Madrid but the love for him has not completely reduced from the heart of Premier League supporters. They have the interest to see their favourite star’s current performance in his new club.

So, they want to follow the matches of the Spanish club Real Madrid also. But due to the injury, the Belgium star Eden Hazard will not be seen for the next four years at least and so, the British fans have to wait till then as usual. But, after that, they might not get the chance of watching his playing considering the current situation.

The current circumstances are like that. Till the current time, Sky Sports have played the role of broadcasting the Spanish La Liga matches as well as El Clasico in the United Kingdom. But in the new season of La Liga, the broadcasting network Sky Sports have not made any agreement with the La Liga officials. As a result, for the viewers of the United Kingdom and Ireland, there is no chance of enjoying the La Liga matches.

In the new season of La Liga, the tournament would be much more competitive because of Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard and Joao Felix. But from the 4th week, the English football fans would lose the chance of watching the La Liga tournament.

La Liga and ITV are arranging of telecasting the La Liga matches in the United Kingdom for the first three weeks and so, the fans will not understand till the 4th week. Eleven Sports got the three years deal of broadcasting La Liga in England. But after just one year, the deal was cancelled and so, ITV has got the liability for just three weeks.