England coloured their 1000th match by destroying Montenegro

England is playing the qualifying round of the UEFA Euro 2020 in recent time and now, by winning the last match, they have qualified for the main round of 2020 UEFA Euro. It was an amazing match for the English team. It was their 1000th match and reportedly, England coloured their 1000th match by destroying Montenegro! Harry Kane has found an amazing hat-trick in the 1000th match which is simply incredible.

At the home venue of England Wembley Stadium, the group A match in the qualifying round between England and Montenegro took place. In the match, the team of Southgate won by a 7 – 0 goal. The three other goalscorers of the team are Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rashford and Abraham. Out of the first six rounds in the qualifying round, team England won a total of five matches. So, they just needed one more point to secure their place into the main round and they had two matches in hand. 

To fill up the target, in the history of the last 60 years, Southgate grounded the youngest eleven against Montenegro. The average age of the squad is 23 years and 255 days, and the youngest eleven destroyed the guest team at the home venue. In the 11th minute, the goals flood started. In the next 26 minutes, they have found the net four times more!. So, in the first half, all the speculations have been finished.

From the left side, Chilwell passed the ball and the Liverpool star Oxlade-Chamberlain made the Conakry shot and found the net. Just seven minutes later, Chilwell made the free-kick and Kane found the ball in front of the goal. By the head, the Spurs star found the net. In 24th minute of the game, Kane scored the 2nd goal and once again, the 22nd years old star who played the match amazingly from the very beginning assisted. The Leicester City defender made the corner and Kane’s head went to the net. In the 30th minute of the game, Rashford made the scoreline 4 – 0.

Seven minutes later, Harry Kane filled up his hat-trick. from the right side, the youngest player Sancho made the cross and by touching the opponent’s player, Kane found the ball in front of the goal. The Golden Boot winner of the Russia World Cup made the scoreline 5 – 0. For the national team, it is the 3rd hat-trick of the Spurs forward. In the 66th minute, when tried to stop the English attack, Montenegro defender Sofranac scored a suicidal goal and in the 84th minute, Abraham wrote his name into the scoresheet. The Blues star scored his first goal for the English national team.