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VALENTUS is the Solution!

  • Launched Valentus in July 2014
  • Backed by Millions in Capital
  • Home Office in Sioux Falls SD
  • 100% Debt Free
  • 100% Million in Total Sales
  • The 6th Element

World’s Most Successful Coffee

• Weight management coffee with a neurological purpose • Helps shut off the cravings in the brain from your stomach • A logical solution to weight management • Patented VASO-6

Family of Weight Management Products

• Controls Appetite
• Regulates Sugar and Fat Absorption
• Powerful Thermogenic
• Promotes Brain Health & Focus
• Elevates Mood
• Powerful Antioxidant
• Promotes Natural Ketogenesis with our Brain to Stomach Connection

Product Valentus

Build home based businesses for additional income

Valentus is committed to paying out 50% of every sales dollar in Member Incentives. Through 7 Profit Centers – Valentus want you to win!

Valentus Has 7 Profit Centers

• Retail commissions 25%
• 6 Day Experience 50%
• Fast start bonus up to $200
• Legacy coded bonus to infinity $100
• Dual team commission up to $100,000 per week
• Dual team matching bonus 7 generation starting 20%
• 1% global volume share enrollment pool
• Car Bonus $400 to $3000 per month

Business Valentus

This is by far the most powerful internet-driven system in the home-based business industry and does 95% of the work for you to create a major sense of urgency to help you maximize your upgrade ratio and commissions FAST!

Do I Want to Do This? What’s in it for ME?
Have fun • Lose weight • Additional income • Dream income • Work from Home • Own your life • Personal growth • Recognition

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We are Official Independent Valentus Product Distributors all sales are directly through Valentus. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results not typical and may vary. Earnings Disclaimer

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NO SECRET SlimROAST thermogenic fat-burning coffee

Messi-Ronaldo rivalry has passed an era

Messi-Ronaldo rivalry has passed an era