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Gambhir does not ready to accept Aussie’s top position

Gambhir does not ready to accept Aussie's top position

the most successful team in cricket history Australia has been promoted to the top position on the Test ranking. Now, the former Indian national team cricket player Gautam Gambhir has become furious. According to the report, Gambhir does not ready to accept Aussie’s top position.

Australia once again has moved to the top on the ICC Test ranking. Yes, just a couple of days ago, ICC has released the new Test ranking. According to the current Test ranking, Inia has lost its top position. They have been demoted to the 3rd position. 

Just a few days ago, ICC has taken a decision. From then, they are criticized. Especially the Indian cricket supporters are doing that. After revealing the new Test ranking, all of a sudden the ranking of India has been fallen. Team Australia has made it to the top. As a result, like all the supporters of India, the former Indian national team opener Gautam Gambhir has become angry. He does not accept Australia as the best Test team. To him, the ranking has not been done perfectly.

The sudden fallen of the team India has raised the obvious question. So, ICC has released a statement about that. Though the statement ICC told that they did not count the record of 2016-17. But at that time, the team of Kohli passed a golden time. They won a total of 12 test matches and faced just one defeat. And after seeing the statement, Gautam Gambhir failed to keep himself calm. 

After the last October 2016, for the first time, Inia moved to the top of the Test ranking and until the last ranking, they grabbed the top position. Behind their top position, the twelve test victory played a vital role. They just tasted one defeat. But after releasing the new ranking, the old statistics have become useless.

After witnessing the new ranking, the former top-rated opener Gautam Gambhir has lost his faith in the ICC ranking. He has not surprised to see Australia on the top, he stated. He does not believe the process of the point and ranking. The current system is not perfect. When a team won the test at the home venue, they get the same point as the overseas match. It is so disgusting.

He just does not understand, how ICC has given the top position to Australia. In recent times, the team of Smith-Warner visited India and lost all four Test matches.

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