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Gareth Bale has become the minor player in Zidane’s squad

Gareth Bale has become the minor player in Zidane's squad

Real Madrid expected more from Bale. But the La Liga scorers have almost forgotten his name. No, it is not their fault actually. Bale does not want to score goals at the home venue it seems. So, Gareth Bale has become the minor player in Zidane’s squad.

Gareth Bale is playing for the Spanish giants Real Madrid for a long time. It is not new. There is a huge number of fans for the Welsh player at the Santiago Bernabeu. When Cristiano left the Bernabeu, everyone thought Bale will take responsibility. But their dream did not come true. Though he is getting the 2nd highest earning player of Real Madrid. So, they 


At the home venue of Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu, Gareth Bale has scored his last goal one year ago. Can you just imagine?

In the last 16th March 2019, Real Madrid played a strange game at the home venue. Just the week before that they were ruled out from all three competitions. Due to this reason, the Real Madrid officials sacked their coach Solari. But still, a huge number of audiences came to enjoy the game. Just a day after, Zinedine Zidane returned to the Santiago Bernabeu. Against Celta Vigo, Real Madrid won by a 2 – 0 goal. And the Welsh forward scored a goal in the 77th minute of the game.

In that match, the first goal was scored by Isco. The same Isco has gradually recovered from his worst form and now, he has got the chance into Zidane’s first eleven. But the situation of Gareth Bale is just the opposite. In the last transfer window, Zidane tried to sell the Welsh forward. But the transfer did not complete because any team did not ready to fill up the expectation of Real Madrid. So, he is now staying at the Real’s camp. 

In the first match of the season, he made an amazing assist. So, it was thought that he might recover from his bad form. In the 3rd match of the league, though his two goals, Real Madrid avoided the defeat. So, they thought the former Bale has returned. But in the last 1st September at the venue of Villarreal, his goal was the last goal of the player, who knows about that? After the goal, he played for Real Madrid at the home venue a total of ten times but did not find the net. And if Zidane’ plan will come true, the 16 March’s goal cane be his last goal so far.

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