Gareth Bale will stay at Santiago Bernabeu for this season

Gareth Bale is one of the highest-earning La Liga players right now but in the last season at the Santiago Bernabeu, he passed a very bad time. When Real brought manager Zidane back to their camp, the Frenchman stated earlier that Bale had no place in his squad and the Welsh star should leave the club. But, the demand of the Welsh star Bale is too high and so, he has been remained unsold at the end of the summer transfer. Now, Zidane has changed his tone. After so many speculations, earlier today the French manager Zidane revealed that Gareth Bale will stay at Santiago Bernabeu. At least for the new season.

The French former professional football player thought that Bale whois trying to find his form from a long time has to find himself in the season. He has to prove that he is best. Otherwise, the thing will remain the same. Since long, the rumour has come to the front about the departure of Gareth Bale from the Santiago Bernabeu.

After the last season, it has increased so much. And also in the last month, Zidane hinted that himself. But this time, his opinion has changed. He talked with a different style. Real Madrid boss told that the situation has changed right now and the Welsh forward is staying.

In the last Saturday, Real Madrid played their inaugural match of the new season of La Liga. They have started with the away match. At the venue of Celta Vigo, the most successful Spanish club won by a 3 – 1 goal and Gareth Bale got the chance into the first eleven. He played very well and the coach of the team Zidane is very happy to see his performance.

The most important thing is the player wants to stay. It is true that about him, there were much told already and Zidane also told something. But now, Bale is staying with Real Madrid. Zidane has also added that Bale is an amazing player. He showed that before and now, he has to show it once again. He has to become like that, they already know about him.

In the year of 2013, Gareth Bale joined to the Spanish giants club Real Madrid by making a record transfer from the EPL club Tottenham Hotspur. With the team, he won four Champions League titles, one La Liga and one Copa del Rey title. He has an agreement with Real Madrid till 2022 still.