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Griezmann doesn’t talk to Messi that much

Griezmann doesn't talk to Messi that much

Yes, it is a bit odd but the new signing of Barcelona has revealed the secret earlier today. According to the news, Antoine Griezmann doesn’t talk to Messi that much! But why? Let’s check things out.

Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann are the two attackers of the Catalan club and they must reduced the gap between them to take their team forward. Still now, they have a gap but the fans of Barcelona want them to fight side by side.

Barcelona is going to play against the Italian club Inter Milan in the Champions League. In their first-round, Barcelona faced the German club Borussia Dortmund which was drawn by a 0 – 0 goal. So, the upcoming match is too important to get the victory. Before facing the Italian club Inter Milan, the French striker Antoine Griezmann attended an interview where he revealed some facts. So, the current boss of Barcelona would be tensed before the high voltage match.

If the players of the attacking division would not have a good understanding with each other, then the whole team will face the problem. They would not play as the team and so, any match will be much harder than average. Messi and Griezmann are two top-rated stars of Barcelona’s attacking section in recent time but they have not good understanding with each other yet. The main reason behind it is, Lionel Messi is suffering from the injury since the beginning of the season and so, could not take part regularly. He made only a few moments with the French star on the ground but Barcelona did not be benefited through that. The pair of them have not become interesting yet. 

And, earlier today Griezmann revealed a secret behind the thing. He stated that they do not talk much with each other but to make a good pair, they must make a good communication between them. When Neymar was at the club, they made a destructive trio which was short named as the ‘MSN’. Messi-Neymar-Suarez had a very good understanding, not only on the ground but also outside of the field so far. It seemed that they almost had a telepathic connection. So, when the French striker has come to the Camp Nou, Barca fans are waiting to see the same chemistry among them but it has not happened yet.

In front of the media, Griezmann stated that Messi does not talk much as well as the Griezmann. So, it seems hard to keep the conversation continue between them. But still, the forward is passing a good time at the Nou Camp. He believes that he has some lackings but within a very short time, he would be able to give his best.

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