Spanish professional football manager Pep Guardiola who is the current manager of English Premier League team Manchester City. This manager who is considering one of the greatest managers of all time is Interested to stay in his current team Man City whose are the Champion of the Premier League. When his contract with this team will expire this summer, and Guardiola wants to stay as he is enjoying his work in Manchester City. He wants to take charge of the team beyond the summer of 2021. As this Spanish former defender thinks Manchester City is a second home for him.

Guardiola in his managerial career already served the longest period to City, as he is serving City for five years. When in his managerial career he spent 4 years in Barcelona and 3 years in Bayern Munich.

The 48-year-old Man City’s boss said –

I can say it openly that I am enjoying working with this club. But it depends on results when you work with a team for five years, Let’s see what happen in this season and the next season.

The season did not go according to the City Manager’s plan as he tried to counter last year’s unprecedented effort by winning three home titles with the club. Man City will travel to Newcastle this weekend and the injury is running after this team. And Man city is 9 points behind from the leader Liverpool.

The boss of Man city spoke about that,

We know about the League, it’s very tough. But I am comfortable with the players of this team and enjoying to train them. I know their reaction when they win or lose, there are some things to improve and that’s why I want to spend some more time with this team. After spending five years with this team I am feeling that we can do anything together. 

However, Guardiola will have a serious talk about the renewal of the contract with the club authority before expiring his contract But before that he has to satisfy the players and the authority also.