Guardiola: We are not able to be consistent like we were in the last two seasons

There is still more than halfway to go in the Premier League season but the Man City coach Pep Guardiola is not seeing any chance of winning the EPL title. Already, they have gone behind than the top-ranked holder team. By returning from the position, there is no history of winning the EPL title yet. So, the manager Guardiola really is not seeing any chance of getting the 3rd consecutive Premier League title. But, the former Barcelona manager does not ready to give up but fight to the last.

In the 16th round of the Premier League took place yesterday at the home venue of Man City Etihad Stadium which was the Manchester Derby. The current Premier League holder Man City was defeated by a 2 – 1 goal. And so, they have gone a total of 14 points behind than the top-ranked team, Liverpool. Leicester City which team played a less match than the team of Guardiola still holding the 2nd position and three points ahead of Man City. 

After the match, Pep revealed that it is not the time to think but they have to keep trying. In the last season, Man City achieved 98 points highest and won the league title. But in the season, if they want to touch the points, they have to win the rest 22 matches. Now, Guardiola is thinking of their next matches. It is not so realistic thought of catching Liverpool right now.

It is very hard. Because the Reds won fifteen matches out of the sixteen rounds and they are in the great form. But Man City lost points on how often and what they can do is to keep trying.

At the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City planned to dominate the ground. But in the day, Man United was in different looks. They were quite aggressive. Though the home team possessed the ball most of the time but the guest team was so sharp in the attacking section. In the 23rd minute, Man United got the goal. Into the box, Rashford was fouled and so, the Red Devils got the penalty. The English forward led the team ahead through the successful spot-kick. Just two minutes later, the goal difference could increase but the shot of Rashford was stopped by the crossbar. 

In the 29th minute, the shot of Martial found the net and so, the City fans got shocked. However, by possessing the ball most of the time, Man City could not manage the game. In the 85th minute, Otamendi reduced the difference but finally, they could not make the victory neither could make any draw. They lost complete three points.