Guardiola is not thinking much about the last match defeat

Pep Guardiola who is one of the best football managers right now in the World. Now, he is managing the Premier League team Manchester United and he is the coach who led the team to the back to back Premier League title so far. Now, his team faced the first defeat in the new season of the English top league competition but according to the report, Guardiola is not thinking much about the last match defeat!

A small team of the EPL which has been promoted to the main competition of EPL after three seasons named Norwich City beat the EPL titleholder. Can you just believe that? But, the most unbelievable thing has come true. Norwich City won against Manchester City by a 3 – 2 goals yesterday. So, with the top-ranked team Liverpool, Manchester City’s points gap has increased. Now, the Reds are on the top with the highest 15 points by winning all five rounds in the EPL. But, Man City which is holding the 2nd position, their point is 10. Five points are a big fact to keep the throne at the Etihad Stadium.

But, to the Man City manager Pep Guardiola, it is not the time for grief. It is just September and only five rounds of the Premier League have finished. There is still a long way to go. And Pep believes that his apprentices can bring glory at their camp one more time.

After facing the defeat against Norwich City, Man City are five points behind than the Reds now. So, the speculations have started that the team of Guardiola would miss the EPL title. But, the team manager stated that just the season started and it is now just September. There are many things ahead that have not happened yet.

In the ongoing season of the Premier League, it is the first defeat of the Manchester City and the coach of the team Pep is not ready to accept the whole season defeat. He is quite angry when he has been asked such things. He stated that yes, five points. They are just five points behind and now, just September is running. So, he wants to know what he should do. Should he congratulate Liverpool for winning the Premier League title? No, he has no doubt on his team for a second. Yes, Man City conceded the 3rd goal due to the fault of the Argentine defender Nicolas Otamendi but Pep Guardiola is not ready to blame him. Guardiola stated that Nicolas did not know someone was coming. He is a human and can make mistake sometimes.