Guardiola reveals which of his players will not sell

The coaches have their football eyes in mind. Some do not move a step without their favorites, taking them where they will train such as Maurizio Sarri did with Jorginho. Others who are not going anywhere, do not want to sell such and there is even nothing to discuss about it. As it turns out, Pep Guardiola has such a favorite and is rather not the guy you would expect. Recently Guardiola reveals which of his players will not sell.

In the new color about Manchester City “The Pep’s City”, Guardiola mentions that Phil Foden is the only player he does not intend to sell. He adds that he would not let him go for even 500 million euros or more than two Neymar. He says his sale is out of the question because of Phil Foden to Manchester City. He also admits that he sees him as the successor to David Silva and therefore does not intend to buy anyone else for this position.

It is hardly surprising Guardiola’s attitude. He was raised football in Barcelona, ​​and there is extremely strong pressure on the boys who went through the academy. In Manchester City, due to the club’s policy, there are practically no such guests and the fact that Foden has sailed indicates that he must be a real sensation. Well, and there would be no doubt.

In addition, Guardiola has already released one gem raised in the environment of Man City. It is worth recalling that Jadon Sancho was dispassionately handed over to Borussia Dortmund, in which he made a sensation through which he is now valued at over 100 million euros. Winger certainly dreams about Guardiola at night and the Spaniard does not want Foden to disturb his sleep too.