Hard working will help Pogba to get back on the right track – Solskjaer

French professional Midfielder player Pogba will be a new superstar footballer when he will come back for manchester united, according to the boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The Norwegian Professional football manager thinks Hard working will help Pogba to get back on the right track. As he was injured against Southampton at the end of August, after that incident he was able to return in late September against Arsenal and Rochdale but was not much effective like before because of an ankle issue. 

The 26-year-old French central Midfielder was seen in a video to play basketball in Miami with Heat star Jimmy Butler this week without having any ankle problem. When Pogba just finished up his period of rehabilitation. A question raised when the video came out that, Pogba is fit but he didn’t want to play for Man United, But the allegation was cleared by his boss Solskjaer.

Man U boss said,

It’s for every player when he is injured he is allowed to be injured and he is working hard to get back. No doubt about His willingness to play football and he is a professional. Some of our players like Fred and Scotty have done well with a challenge when we missed him, Now his come back will boost our side.

“ He is getting well and let’s see when he will be fit for a match in Manchester United. I am sure his return will give us a new singing star. Now he is not able to play for us but when he will available it will be like a new world-class player. So we need him as soon as possible and I am waiting when he joined us in the training.” Added by the 46-year-old manager.

Pogba’s return for United will boost the whole team and Solskjaer can’t wait for that. Now Pogba is in Manchester but will not appear against Aston Villa but there is a chance to return of this most awaited player on Wednesday against Tottenham.