Harry Kane with a bold statement that Tottenham can win Premier

The Premier League has started and I think we can say with a clear conscience that we finally watched some interesting meetings and the hit game crowning this series of matches did not completely disappoint us. Of course, this is only the first round but it does not bother anyone in the selection of candidates for the fall or the great return of Manchester United. Harry Kane with a bold statement that Tottenham can win Premier . You should even associate this guy.

After Saturday’s victorious barely a meeting with Aston Villa, Harry Kane spoke on the fight for the title. The Englishman said that his team has everything you need and above all, faith in finishing the season in the first place. He also noted that it will be very difficult because the competition is extremely strong.

A few people were certainly amused by this quote because finally the Tottenham player dared say that his team believes in winning the league. Just a few years ago we could react like this but now Tottenham Hotspurs are the third force in England and if anyone is to stop Liverpool and Manchester City, it’s them. Not Arsenal …

Tottenham made impressive transfers and without them he could have been extremely dangerous last season. We’re talking about the Champions League finalist. Times are changing and even though a few years ago it wouldn’t have gone through my throat alone. Today it is absolutely serious to nod Harry Kane and say, “Yes, Tottenham can win the Premier League.”