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OFFICIAL: The head of LaLiga Javier Tebas resigned

Head of LaLiga Javier Tebas said goodbye to his work

Managerial castling began for good because we have entered a period in which it can already be clearly stated that the lack of results from the beginning of the season is not an accident and the change of the coach can still change something for the better because there is still a lot of time until the end of the games. However, as it turns out, not only coaches leave or are thrown out. Head of LaLiga Javier Tebas said goodbye to his work.

It would seem that Tebas is embittered by his term, so he decided to end it almost a year earlier. In the end, there were several scandals, including the organization of meetings of the Spanish league in the United States. However, it turns out that Tebas’ decision was not determined by conscience, but simply by political tactics.

Javier Tebas plans to take part in the next election for this position, and his early resignation is caused by the fact that he would not want the next election to take place in October next year, although it was planned so. Tebas believes that they will be too close to LaLiga’s audiovisual rights tenders, which could affect their results.

I have never been a fan of mixing politics with football, which is why such maneuvers rather embarrass me. Let’s just hope that the confusion with choosing a new boss LaLiga will not affect the game in terms of sports. If not, let them upstairs change as much as they want.

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