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Higuain-Dybala saved Juventus against Atalanta

Higuain-Dybala saved Juventus against Atalanta

The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is the top star of the Italian giants Juventus no doubt but he is not in the squad and would miss next few matches. Due to the injury, He did not take part in the last match of the Old Lady which took place earlier today. However, it does not make any problem of getting the victory at all. Earlier today, Juventus played the 13th round of Serie A and it was their away match. Higuain-Dybala saved Juventus against Atalanta!

From the beginning of the season, the Old Lady is passing a great time and now still, they are keeping the winning streak continue. Against Atalanta, the Killer Lady went behind at the beginning but later, the loan player Gonzalo Higuain scored two goals and so, the apprentices of Sarri left the ground with the expected victory.

At the Gewiss Stadium which is the venue of Atalanta, earlier today the 13th round was won by the Old Lady by a 3 – 1 goal. The consecutive eight times winner of Serie A scored all three goals in the 2nd half. By keeping their top player Cristiano Ronaldo out of the squad, Juventus started the game. The 3rd goal was scored by the Argentine forward Paulo Dybala. At the beginning of the match, Juventus was about to fall behind. In the 16th minute, the local team got a penalty. But the spot-kick was missed by the forward Musa Barrow. The ball was touched by the hand of Khedira and the referee gave the penalty. In the 11th minute of the 2nd half, the titleholder went behind. The German defender Gosens heads the ball to the net. 

In the 74th minute of the game, the Argentine striker Higuain led the team to the game. Pjanic passed the ball and the loan player took the shot that was touched by an opponent player and went to the net. Just eight minutes later, the cut back from Cuadrado, the Argentine star scored his 2nd goal and the Juve went ahead. In the 2nd additional minute, Higuain made an amazing pass and by escaping the defenders, Dybala took a low shot that found the net.

In the new season of Serie A, the Old Lady has still unbeaten by playing 13th round. They have got 11 victories and two draws. With the highest 35 points, they are holding the top position.

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