I do not justify the defeat of Real Madrid – Marcelo

In short, the Spanish ball is in trouble and there is no sudden improvement. Yesterday’s defeat of Real Madrid with Mallorca  0 – 1 convinced us that it is very bad than expected. And even the icon in the form of Marcelo doesn’t want to describe the team. ” I do not justify the defeat of Real Madrid ” says  Marcelo after the defeat. We tried everything to win this game but it didn’t happen, he added.

We will comment so because to win, you have to play and we did not watch it yesterday. Mallorca which was not the favorite managed to keep three points. And rightly so and Marcelo’s words are certainly too gentle. “Well we’re grandparents” – should shout Zinedine Zidane after the match because Real’s game called for revenge to him.

A team with such players in their ranks has no right to lose to an outsider and in a compromising style. The words of the Brazilian are therefore fully justified but it must be stated that he spoke quite cautiously.

And what did Zinedine Zidane say about his team’s play?

“The problem is that we have to show a constant level every 3 to 4 days. We are not currently doing this and this needs improvement. I’m not concerned about it but I always tell players that if they want to win trophies, they must show more patience. Injuries are not an excuse. We have enough players to be the winner”.

If the trainer of Real Madrid claims that he was actually the right staff then it remains to agree and wish him good luck in the future.

In 2006, Zinedine Zidane, Robinho, and Beckham were in the last Madrid team to lose a league game at San Moix with Mallorca and after 13 years they repeated the trick. They are thankful to the Lago Junior for scoring in the 1st half.